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               Trish Storey


                                                           Trish was born in New Jersey and she is a self-taught artist. She                                                             has always enjoyed the arts which includes painting, drawing,                                                                   singing and dancing.


                                                           Trish started early in life painting and sold a few paintings. Then,                                                             life threw her into a different direction, another passion of hers,                                                             cooking and the food business.


In 1998, Trish’s sister, Norma, died quickly due to ovarian cancer. She and her family were devastated. Trish started to paint more intensely and now donates, in Norma’s memory, a portion for the art proceeds to The Cancer Research Institute in NY.


Trish began to participate as an artist on the professional art circuit within Florida. Now she owns her second gallery, located in Vero Beach Florida, plus, her art is offered at the Venice Island Gallery in Venice Florida, the Brevard Cultural Alliance and is displayed at restaurants, corporate offices and homes around the world.


Trish describes her art style as Impressionism / Realism and has added abstracts to her collection.

She has won awards for the work “Eruption” and has had articles written about her art in newspapers and magazines. She gets her inspiration from tropical Florida and her travels worldwide.


“Painting is like breathing, I don’t only love to paint, I have to paint.” 

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